PAYET winery & vineyards

Bodega PAYET is recognized in Perú and internationally as a leader in modernizing the Pisco industry. Pisco is a wine distillate from approved varieties of grapes grown in southern Perú.

In 2002, Bodega PAYET emerged as a dream tied to an intrepid idea: to create a Pisco with a style all its own of fully developed flavors and velvety soft textures.

The elegance and finesse of our piscos have attracted as zealous a circle of customers as any distillery can boast, and we are truly grateful for their allegiance, although we will never relax in our pursuit of perfection.

Our founders—Guillermo Payet, a financial entrepreneur with a sense of adventure tied to a passion for fine pisco, and his wife Aida, a former Marketing university professor—dared to devote every effort toward the pursuit of an exquisite Pisco.—not another harsh Pisco.

We believe that a great Pisco is distilled from excellent wine from fine vineyards in a wonderful “terroire.”

Guillermo and Aida acquired the right Pisco “vitis vinifera” vineyard in Perú’s premier valley within the Pisco “appellation” area: in the heart of Ica, Perú. Only 14° South of the Equator with its intense, bright sunshine and daytime heat, and cold desert nights. There they built one of the first two modern major Distilleries in Perú.

Bodega Payet, a corporation: Agro Mistral,S.A.C. , has established the foundation for the modern-day pisco business. It is at the forefront of wine and distillation technology. Our innovations, such as gentle winemaking techniques to increase wine quality, aromas, and “green” natural farming practices to protect people and the environment, have led to fundamental changes in the approach to “pisco-growing.”

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